Biofiltration Systems
Air Quality and Odor Control

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Dust and particulate filtration


In December of 2009, testing was completed by Dr. Teng Teeh Lim, then from Purdue University and now at University of Missouri, on our Slant Cell at a swine finishing facility in Indiana. The bio-filtration system was enclosed and continuously monitored for emission reductions for 120 days.

The two end enclosures housed OCT's Slant Cells. The center enclosure was the control or non-filtered enclosure.

Reductions in ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and particulate matter were recorded.

Slant Cell #1 recorded the highest level of reduction. There was nearly a 45% decrease in ammonia and hydrogen sulfide while particulate matter was decreased by over 95% with only 0.5 seconds EBRT.

Publications& Events

August 2011, Dr. Teng Lim presented his findings at the ASABE Annual International Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. ( 

Paper Number 1111336)

March 2011, Pork Magazine showcased our new "Second and Third Generation" bio-filtration systems. The article can be found at under Pork Magazine tab, showcase.

January 2011, EPA releases data collected under the NAEMS program. Standards for different agricultural sectors are still being analyzed.

July 2010, Odor Cell Technologies LLC exhibited at the Soil And Water Conservation Society's 65th International Annual Conference. USDA, NRCS, EPA as well as many university representatives from around the world attended. Our sustainable process was well received.

In 2008, OCT published and presented its research study "Significant Odor Reduction from a Highly Efficient Micro-ecosystem based on Bio-filtration" at the "Mitigating Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations Conference" sponsored by Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.