Biofiltration Systems
Air Quality and Odor Control

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Preserving Air Quality for Future Generations

Odor Cell Technologies LLC designs and constructs biofiltration systems that significantly improve air quality in and around livestock and industrial facilities. Using our unique biofiltratipon media, odorous gases and particulate matter can be biologically broken down and reduced at the point source. These hybrid biofilters synergistically combine the principles of biofiltration with a flexible design technology that accommodates a variety of ventilation systems and capacities. Adaptability to ventilation requirements, flexibility in design, low maintenance and sustainability make this technology a sensible way to address odor problems. The field proven systems effectively reduce particulate matter, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other odorous emissions.

Additional Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly filtering medium
  • Visible and aesthetically appealing odor reducing technology
  • Addresses a wide variety of ventilation emissions
  • Microbial conditions within the odor cell are easily monitored and maintained
  • Capture of particulate matter reduces the transfer distance of odor
  • Our biofilters accommodate a wide range of fan output capacities
  • Mature filtering media is a sustainable and recyclable soil amendment
  • Odor Cells have a small environmental footprint

We listen to and work with customers in designing their individual air quality systems. By successfully adapting our designs and processes to unique situations, OCT has become a leader in improving air quality.

Our installation experience has allowed us to serve a multitude of agricultural and industrial industries over the past fourteen years:

  • Fertilizer production
  • Poultry/Egg production
  • Pet food production
  • Swine production
  • Waste water containment
  • Feed additives 
  • Composting Facilities